When Life Gives You Lemons Start A Blog? 🤔

Hi, I’m Rebecca and welcome to Nap and a Snack!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I want to start by telling you a little bit about myself, the blog, and how it all fits together.  So let’s get to it.

I’m a 27 year old female who’s happily married to my wonderful husband Travis.  No kids yet except our sweet fur baby Marbles.  Who I’m sure I’ll talk about a lot on the blog, ha!  

On top of normal life stressors I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and narcolepsy I.  I’m also autistic and have a pilonidal cyst which so far has consisted of 8 surgeries in under 2 years!  

The most challenging part of all these diagnosis is that I was undiagnosed until 4+ years into our marriage.  Both bipolar and narcolepsy can more obviously manifest at different times in individuals lives and most commonly in peoples early to mid twenties.  Eek right!?  That’s already a pretty rough time in life so to tack on a couple giant issues both with their own stigmas wasn’t fun and was a huge learning curve for both Travis and me.

So to make a very long story short our pretty great marriage was turned upside down and shaken like a snow globe… and shaken and shaken ….for about 4 years.. or so it seemed.  The woman Travis thought he married had essentially changed but not slowly like people normally do… more like over a few months.  And the things I now needed left me feeling neglected and alone.

In the middle of these past 4 years I also dealt with a lot of physical issues due to the recurring cyst and related surgeries.  This made it difficult to do many of the things we once enjoyed and added to the stress of me changing drastically in such a short time.

But as tough as those 4 years were and honestly still are at times, we can both look back and say we’d do it all over again.  Why?  Sometimes I ask that same question and wonder why life couldn’t have gone differently… couldn’t have been a bit smoother.  But the truth is all the struggles, all the changes, all the heartache, and all the depression I went through taught me so much!

What I learned during those dark days and what I’m still learning is worth every hurt and pain.  Because I’ve come out better for it.  I’m stronger and kinder and I love deeper.  And so it’s all been worth it.  But what does that have to do with Nap and a Snack??

You see there is a Bible story about a prophet Elijah who was depressed and lonely.  Not only did God comfort him but he also gave a bit of comically simple advice that I believe still applies today.  Have a nap and a snack!

As someone with a sleep disorder and a mood disorder I relate to the need for a nap and a snack to calm me down most of the time.  Haha!  So out of this simple Bible story and my own life story Nap and a Snack was born. 

I hope you stick around and can find some encouragement here.  My goal for this blog is to provide a place where all people feel welcomed and loved.  And I truly mean all people!  No matter your religion, race, gender, culture, or any other thing that makes you who you are.  I’m happy you’re here and thank you for reading.  And until next time don’t forget to have a nap and a snack!

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