Freebie Friday: Depression Cheat Sheet

I know we’re all aware of the “right” things to do while depressed but remembering them when depressed is a different feat all together. So to help with that I made a list of 10 simple but many times challenging self care ideas for when depressed. Because who doesn’t love a cute printable?!

The other difficult things during depression is to actually do the things. So I tried to put them in an order that flows in level of difficulty. I also added some brain rewards like chocolate (woohoo) and things throughout in strategic locations.

The general goal is to do the 10 self care tasks in order from 1 to 10. However, every situation is different for each individual and time. So be honest with yourself and only challenge yourself in ways you know will benefit you. Feel free to skip an item or rearrange if needed. This is for you and your benefit.

I hope it helps bring you some peace during those dark days and makes the job of self care a little easier. Click the picture below to download your free depression cheat sheet.

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