Crisis Safety Plan 🗓

This one will be short and sweet but important. Let’s walk through how to make a mental health Crisis Safety Plan.


Paper (any kind or even a printed plan from internet or below)

Pen (any color as long as you can see it but preferably not a crayon, marker, or pencil. As you want it to be as legible as possible.)

Hard Flat Surface (to place paper on)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call: 800-273-8255 (changing to new number 988 on 7/1/22)*

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Text: TALK to 741741

Your Own Contact Numbers

What To Include

Your Triggers (and how you notice you’ve been triggered)

Preferred Coping Methods (specifically for when you’re in crisis mode)

Things That Help Distract/Calm You

3-5 Contacts You Trust & Can Rely On

Your Primary Doctors Contact Info (if applicable)

Your Psychiatrists Contact Info (if applicable)

Your Therapist Contact Info (if applicable)

Both The Call & Text Info For The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (call: 800-273-8255, Text: TALK to 741741)*

Ways To Keep Yourself & Your Space Safe


Example of how to fill it out.


Click, download, and print if you want to use this template.

You’ll want to make a few different copies. Make as many as you’d need to always have it with you. I picked my three favorite rooms, my car, my purse, and one for Travis, but that will depend on your needs. Once you finish, you most definitely will have earned yourself a nap and a snack!

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