Oops, I’m Sorry 😣

Hi again! I’ve been MIA for an entire week. I had surgery a week ago, and it fatigued me so much! I also learned that on top of that I had an ear infection, so I’m sure that added to the exhaustion.

I’m not trying to make excuses for my absence. I’m taking full unapologetic responsibility for the decisions I made to take a break. And that’s not easy for me lol. Like many of you, I too feel the need to apologize for things like this.

In fact I actually deleted a sentence at the beginning of this post where I said “sorry”. Because learning to take responsibility for my decisions and actions also means that sticking to my priorities is almost never something I should apologize for.

In our society we have this ingrained belief that other peoples opinions and feelings are our responsibility. But the truth is they aren’t. Yes we try to be courteous and think about how our decisions impact others and their feelings. And we try to be sympathetic and empathetic when someone feelings are hurt in response to our actions. But that response is theirs.

Response = Responsibility.

Because if you break it down responsibility means “response able.” In other words the response is in each individuals control.

So I deleted the sentence where I apologized for missing a few posts. I take responsibility for my decisions and actions, and if I truly examine them I’m not sorry. I needed the rest and recovery for my body to heal properly. And my health is an important priority to me.

Do you ever apologize for things you’re not actually sorry for? Do you feel guilty when someone has an emotional react to how you’ve chosen to live your life? If so (and most of us struggle with this), it ok. And don’t apologize for realizing you say sorry too much either, haha! Instead try to accept where you are and learn to hold true to your core beliefs.

You’re worth being a priority in your life! You’re worth self care and self love. You’re worth personal growth and development. You’re worth it just because. And you’re the only person who will ever truly and completely fight for you. So believe in yourself and don’t forget to have a nap and a snack!

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