Story Time: Entry 2

Picture of Travis and I from our 9th anniversary trip this past weekend 🥰 mainly because I don’t know how else to capture this post in a photo lol!

Written On 7/12/21

Adding to the saga. My PCP had me do some tests on Friday (7/9/21), and I got all the results over the patient portal but haven’t received feedback from my doctor yet.

Elevated creatinine and low red blood cell count…

There’s generally one cause for elevated creatinine and that’s chronic kidney infection/disease 🙁

Kidney disease can cause anemia hence the low blood count. Also last year I was dealing with back to back UTIs. The tests would show blood in my urine but nothing ever grew on the culture tests.

So my doctor sent me to a urologist who apparently saw me on a good day because when she tested my urine there was no blood. So she diagnosed me with IC and sent me on my way.

So now I wait in limbo with the possibility that my body is failing me on so many levels. 😫

I’m obviously being slightly dramatic 😅 but it feels so real and frustrating! Anyway, until next time don’t forget to have a nap and a snack!

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