SuperBettering My Mind

Hi! It’s been way too long since I’ve written anything and for those of who were following I’m sorry. Between sickness, depression, and lists of todos I’ve been busy with what I can only describe as feeling like drowning in pile of stuff and dirty laundry at a quicksand pace.

The days go so quickly but I just can’t seem to keep up with all the demands or even my basic hygiene at times. As embarrassing as that is to admit it’s all I can say because it’s the truth. It’s honestly where I’m at right now.

But I have a plan to help heal my mind and hopefully it speeds some of my physical recovery as well! I’m going to SuperBetter my life.

I’m sure your asking “What does that mean??” And Im happy to tell you!

SuperBetter is essentially a role play game where you 1) identify your secret identity, 2) recruit allies, 3) defeat “bad guys”, 4) Identify superpowers, & 5) set and keep goals.

It’s an idea that was thought up by Jane McGonigal who is a game designer. I highly recommend reading her book Reality is Broken to go deeper into her story and the concept of the game. But I’ll also include a short explanation here of each aspect.

Identifying your secret identity is fun! You can base it off your favorite story or show or even a superhero you like. In fact by using an already established storyline it will be easier to decide on the allies needed and what to call the “bad guys” and how to name your superpowers. My secret identity is Monk. Yes, that retired police detective with OCD who consults with his old boss and is constantly being aggravated and helped by his assistant lol.

Allies are the people you’ll need for support in order to complete your missions and goals. In the case of Monk the main supporting characters are his assistant, the Captain, the comedic relief friend, and his psychiatrist.

Bad guys” are things that make you feel worse but that you might do, or avoid doing, anyway. For me an example of a bad guy is not wanting to wash my face at night or other hygiene basics. I’m generally too tired to care at that point in the day but overall not keeping up with my hygiene has long term consequences. So therefore I must fight against the “bad guys” of apathy and laziness.

Superpowers (or power ups) are basically the opposite of the “bad guys.” They are the simple and quick things you can do that make you feel good and accomplished! In my example that would be something like petting Marbles or warming the heating pad. These give us the stamina we need to fight the “bad guys”.

Finally the goals you set for yourself are what will help guide and motivate you and your team! these will be the things that you need to heal your body, improve your focus, increase happiness, or whatever else you want to accomplish in life.

So I’m going to play the game to help heal my mind and thought processes. And theoretically if I’m less depressed then my physical body should also heal more quickly. I’ll also try to update my journey here more regularly so until next time don’t forget to have a nap and a snack!

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