Germ-Xterminators 🦠❌

It’s day three of going all in with gamifying my situation to help my body and mind heal. I’m having a blast!! I was going to do the Monk theme, but while I was preparing it ended up morphing into a completely unique theme of germs and germ fighters lol.

My secret identity is Germ-X and my team and I are the Germ-Xterminators! I drew my bad guys as germ cartoons and the ideas took off from there.

The “Bad Guys” Defined

The Sluginator: The Sluginator causes laziness every where they lurk. Germ-X can defeat The Sluginators by doing things like exercising, walking The Beast, and other non-sedentary actions. You can help by encouraging her to accomplish these important tasks in her daily life and by cheering her on as she overcomes the temptations of The Sluginators.

Mr. Distracto: Mr. Distractos are all kinds of sneaky! They show up in the form of social media, meaningless tasks, and other things often related to Germ-X’s smart phone. Help Germ-X defeat Mr. Distractos by encouraging her to complete her key goals and duties in each day and by reminding her to take breaks from her phone.

Me. Avoidance: You can help Germ-X defeat Ms. Avoidance by reminding her to complete household chores especially dishes and laundry.

RAWR Man: RAWR Man are directly related to Germ-X’s ability to wash her hair regularly. RAWR Mans tend to attack just as Germ-X thinks about taking care of this normal self care act. You can help her defeat this germ by reminding her that her self care is important because she’s important. Another tactic is to let Germ-X know that she’ll feel so much better when she tackles this bad guy head on!

The Cootie Queen: The Cootie Queen is similar to RAWR man because this germ also relates to self care. The Cootie Queen specifically relates to Germ-X’s ability to maintain her face care and teeth health. Help Germ-X defeat this germ by reminding her how good it feels to invest in her health and self care.

The Destroyer: This germ leaves a mess wherever and whenever it can! And it’s trying to take Germ-X down with it. You can help Germ-X overcome The Destroyer by encouraging her to clean up after each project before moving on to a different one. Feel free to remind her how much better she feels with a clean home that doesn’t have daunting messes all the time.

The Neglected Centapillar: The Neglected Centapillar is so sad from it’s germy neglect that it’s starting to distract Germ-X and is taking her attention away from caring for The Beast aka Marbles! Help Germ-X remember what really matters in life and encourage her to give The Beast the best possible life she can give!

The Team

The Boredom Killer: For this role I picked a good friend who has a decent amount of free time like myself, as well as someone I naturally click with and relate to. This ally will help me stay positive by providing the much needed human contact I crave and need. They will also help me think of ways to stay creative and motivated.

The Mentor: This ally is a dear friend whom I’ve known since childhood. It’s someone who knows me well and who’s relationship with me is one of candor and respect. This teammate will help keep me focused on my real goals as well as ask the difficult questions that will cause me to really think before acting.

The Doctor: For this ally I chose my lovely sister. She’s my best friend and has always had such a kind, sensitive, and caring demeanor. Her job is to check up on my well-being and help me talk through things that might be bothering me mentally and emotionally. Another reason I chose my sister is because she wants what’s best for me and not just to make me happy in the moment. I trust her with my heart and future and know she’ll help keep me focused on what’s important.

The Beast Watcher: Travis, my husband is filling this role. Travis could have filled in for any ally position and would have done a wonderful job! The reason we decided on this role for him is because the other roles have elements of emotional interest on his part. In other words he’s not completely unbiased. I know he’d do his absolute best to remain unbiased, but it would be unfair of me to put such pressure on him all of the time. And since this game is supposed to be interwoven into my reality we thought it best that he take this position. He’s also my right hand man through it all and always will be! His job consists of helping me remember to properly care for The Beast (aka Marbles).

The Cleaner: I chose a friend who I’ve only known a short while for this ally but has shown such love and loyalty towards me already. Her character is evident, and her kindness shines through so brightly! This characters main job will be to help me stay on top of my personal hygiene. Specifically things like showering, washing my hair, wound care, brushing my teeth, and washing my face.

The Spark: For this role I chose a dear friend and family member who has also dealt with their share of mental and physical health issues. I really wanted someone on the team who currently can relate to how I might feel at any given moment. Of course they aren’t the only team member who deals with these kind of struggles. Their main duties consist of reminding me to keep Travis as a main priority in my life, even when life gets tough. By helping to encourage me to do chores like dishes and laundry, they’ll be helping me lighten Travis’s load (which currently consists of doing almost everything for our little family.)

The Beast: Is an honorary ally role which will be filled by no other than my sweet Marbles! How could she not be apart of this healing journey? Marbles jobs include cuddling and comforting me when I start to have a panic attack, reminding me to get our daily exercise (walks), keeping me engaged mentally and physically with nags to play and train, and keeping me on a relatively consistent schedule. All of which have a huge impact on my mental and physical health especially with my specific conditions.


Power ups consist of things that help me feel better long term. So something as simple as washing my face may sound like a daunting challenge in the moment, but I know once I finish I will feel significantly better physically, mentally, and personally. The goal along with defeating “bad guys” is to collect as many power ups in any given day. The reason for this is twofold. 1) The innate benefits they provide are wonderful medicine for my overall well-being and 2) many of the power ups double as items that help me defeat the “bad guys.”

Power ups can be whatever you want them to be as long as they’re truly beneficial. For example something like eating cake for dinner might release immediate endorphins but long term doesn’t provide me with the needed nutrients to feel my best the following day. So cake for dinner probably shouldn’t be considered a power up. A sometimes reward? Maybe! lol.


Which brings me to the next point of discussion. Achievements! These are the things that will help the gamification process feel worth it and fun. They are the rewards and level ups of the game you create. I’m still working on all the achievements I want to include in my game, but they can be as simple as an “I’m proud of you” text from an ally up to actual physical or monetary items and gains.

Travis came up with a neat way to use a dice to add monetary value to the “bad guys” I defeat in a given day. It also adds a randomization factor to further increase the game play feel of the process. How it works is for each “bad guy” I successfully defeat in a day (by completing all the necessary tasks that relate to the specific “bad guy”) I get to roll a D6 one time. Each number on the dice equals the equivalent amount of dollars.

For example yesterday I originally set out to tackle four “bad guys” and ended up completing the tasks for three of them (still a win in my book!) So I was able to roll the dice three distinct times and this is how it played out.

  • Role 1: Three
  • Role 2: Three
  • Role 3: Five

For a total of eleven dollars earned. The day before I earned $10 which adds to a total of $21 in free spend-on-whatever-I-want-no-guilt-attached monies, haha! I’m saving up for a colored printer by the way. I want to print my “bad guy” cartoons as stickers to designate items and areas around the house where a specific “bad guy” is out to get me.

Daily To Do List

Below is an example of how I organize the “bad guys”, tasks, and power ups that I hope to complete in a given day. I ended up creating a Discord server as my HQ for the team. It’s a nice social media platform that’s very customizable and therefore well suited for things like this. I’ll probably walk through my Discord set up for the next blog but not exactly sure yet.

If you end up using the SuperBetter method yourself feel free to use my examples as they are, tweak them, or disregard them to create your own unique system! It’s about what works to help incentivize you and what keeps you motivated to keep playing the game. Keep healing and until next time don’t forget to have a nap and a snack!

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