Friday Freebie: My Amazon Must Haves 😆

Full disclosure I don’t receive any benefits or compensation for the products listed below. These are all items I have and use regularly and they have made my life easier and/or better in some way. Happy shopping!

  • These active noise canceling Bluetooth earbuds! They’re about $60 and currently have a 20% click coupon!!
  • This Bluetooth sleep mask. Or as my sister says “it’s like a pillow for your eyes 😍” haha! It’s great for listening to sleep sounds, audiobooks, podcasts, or whatever else you like falling asleep to.
  • This shampoo and conditioner bar set and this soap bar. They smell absolutely AMAZING! They also work so well. My first time trying shampoo bars and me and my long as me hair are sold!
  • This fleece lined hoodie that is Travis’s Christmas present this year so 🤫. The quality seems really nice and compared to other similar items the price is decent too. He hasn’t worn it yet so I can’t speak to it’s lasting quality but I’ll update come winter.
  • If you have littles in your life, then I highly recommend these counting bears! My 3 year old niece spent hours playing with them practicing her colors and fine motor skills.
  • I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel and a lift in my brain fog since switching to these two supplements. Total Omega and a B complex. They are a bit pricy but they last a while and work so much better than other brands I’ve tried.
  • If you’re trying to cut back on your plastic use but have a thing about restaurant cups and straw, then you need this silicone to go straw! Complete with a carry case and a straw cleaner. And please someone tell me I’m not alone with the restaurant cup thing lol. 🥴
  • If you like to build things from wood, check out these wood screws! They’re pretty amazing and speak for themselves.
  • This pheromone spray to help ease scared or anxious dog members of the family. It’s not a miracle necessarily and Marbles still prefers Im around during storms but she now remains completely calm if I stay with her. Where as before even if I stayed right by her side she would be terrified.
  • If you’re looking for a caffeine free coffee substitute, then check out this dandelion tea sampler! My favorites are red chai, turmeric, caramel, and coconut but they’re all good. I will say the mocha mint has a very strong mint flavor though.
  • If you’re not looking for a coffee substitute or you’re like me and just enjoy both options, then I highly recommend grinding whole coffee beans immediately before brewing. Here’s the manual coffee bean grinder I use daily and if I’m being honest, multiple times a day lol.

That’s probably a good list for now. I apparently buy too much from Amazon, ha! I hope you enjoy shopping around or even just window shopping on this lovely Friday. I’d love to hear about your favorite finds too! Drop some links in the comments and don’t forget that nap and a snack.

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