Friday Freebie: My Amazon Must Haves 😆

Full disclosure I don’t receive any benefits or compensation for the products listed below. These are all items I have and use regularly and they have made my life easier and/or better in some way. Happy shopping! These active noise canceling Bluetooth earbuds! They’re about $60 and currently have a 20% click coupon!! This BluetoothContinue reading “Friday Freebie: My Amazon Must Haves 😆”

Freebie Friday: Depression Cheat Sheet

I know we’re all aware of the “right” things to do while depressed but remembering them when depressed is a different feat all together. So to help with that I made a list of 10 simple but many times challenging self care ideas for when depressed. Because who doesn’t love a cute printable?! The otherContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Depression Cheat Sheet”