2 Months Later… 😅

It’s been too long. I could go into all the reasons why I haven’t posted but it boils down to mental health and executive dysfunction… What exactly is executive dysfunction? Its when a person struggles with “normal” cognitive, behavioral, and emotional activities that come more naturally to others. The graphic below shows some of theContinue reading “2 Months Later… 😅”

Story Time: Entry 2

Picture of Travis and I from our 9th anniversary trip this past weekend 🥰 mainly because I don’t know how else to capture this post in a photo lol! Written On 7/12/21 Adding to the saga. My PCP had me do some tests on Friday (7/9/21), and I got all the results over the patientContinue reading “Story Time: Entry 2”

Story Time: Entry 1

Originally Written on 7/8/21 Disclaimer Please note my tone throughout this post is more to show my humanity and not to condone my attitude. I never want it to look like I have it all figured out, and that I never get flustered or annoyed… because that’s so far from the truth! This tone isContinue reading “Story Time: Entry 1”

Oops, I’m Sorry 😣

Hi again! I’ve been MIA for an entire week. I had surgery a week ago, and it fatigued me so much! I also learned that on top of that I had an ear infection, so I’m sure that added to the exhaustion. I’m not trying to make excuses for my absence. I’m taking full unapologeticContinue reading “Oops, I’m Sorry 😣”

Friday Freebie: SOS Sloth

For this Friday freebie, I want to share what I use on those days I need someone, but don’t know how to ask. I have this picture saved in its own album on my phone, so it’s easy to find. And rather than sending a detailed text or making an uncomfortable phone call; I canContinue reading “Friday Freebie: SOS Sloth”

Crisis Safety Plan 🗓

This one will be short and sweet but important. Let’s walk through how to make a mental health Crisis Safety Plan. Supplies Paper (any kind or even a printed plan from internet or below) Pen (any color as long as you can see it but preferably not a crayon, marker, or pencil. As you wantContinue reading “Crisis Safety Plan 🗓”

I May Have Fibbed 🤫

Hi again! I’m so glad you’re back for some more… um fun? Sometimes we have fun, right? Haha! But truly thank you, to all my subscribers and readers for your support; it means so much to me! I’ve talked a lot so far about bipolar, both the mania and depression sides, as well as aContinue reading “I May Have Fibbed 🤫”

Bipolar: Mania vs Depression 😞

In my Hurt People Hurt People blog I mentioned that I’d been dealing with hypomania. The general bipolar cycle shows with depression following a manic episode and many times corresponds to a similar extreme. Well that’s what I’m dealing with now. The depression cheat sheet I made for this past Friday was actually a wayContinue reading “Bipolar: Mania vs Depression 😞”

Waffles 🧇

It’s late afternoon on a Wednesday. My energy’s up compared to the previous two days, so I decide to meal prep. With an idea list made and a plan in place, I get to work. First, the dishes. Generally my least favorite chore but with my recently upbeat attitude, it rather seemed rewarding. Mindfulness. That’sContinue reading “Waffles 🧇”