2 Months Later… 😅

It’s been too long. I could go into all the reasons why I haven’t posted but it boils down to mental health and executive dysfunction… What exactly is executive dysfunction? Its when a person struggles with “normal” cognitive, behavioral, and emotional activities that come more naturally to others. The graphic below shows some of theContinue reading “2 Months Later… 😅”

SuperBettering My Mind

Hi! It’s been way too long since I’ve written anything and for those of who were following I’m sorry. Between sickness, depression, and lists of todos I’ve been busy with what I can only describe as feeling like drowning in pile of stuff and dirty laundry at a quicksand pace. The days go so quicklyContinue reading “SuperBettering My Mind”

Oops, I’m Sorry 😣

Hi again! I’ve been MIA for an entire week. I had surgery a week ago, and it fatigued me so much! I also learned that on top of that I had an ear infection, so I’m sure that added to the exhaustion. I’m not trying to make excuses for my absence. I’m taking full unapologeticContinue reading “Oops, I’m Sorry 😣”

Friday Freebie: SOS Sloth

For this Friday freebie, I want to share what I use on those days I need someone, but don’t know how to ask. I have this picture saved in its own album on my phone, so it’s easy to find. And rather than sending a detailed text or making an uncomfortable phone call; I canContinue reading “Friday Freebie: SOS Sloth”

Crisis Safety Plan 🗓

This one will be short and sweet but important. Let’s walk through how to make a mental health Crisis Safety Plan. Supplies Paper (any kind or even a printed plan from internet or below) Pen (any color as long as you can see it but preferably not a crayon, marker, or pencil. As you wantContinue reading “Crisis Safety Plan 🗓”

Bipolar: Mania vs Depression 😞

In my Hurt People Hurt People blog I mentioned that I’d been dealing with hypomania. The general bipolar cycle shows with depression following a manic episode and many times corresponds to a similar extreme. Well that’s what I’m dealing with now. The depression cheat sheet I made for this past Friday was actually a wayContinue reading “Bipolar: Mania vs Depression 😞”

Freebie Friday: Depression Cheat Sheet

I know we’re all aware of the “right” things to do while depressed but remembering them when depressed is a different feat all together. So to help with that I made a list of 10 simple but many times challenging self care ideas for when depressed. Because who doesn’t love a cute printable?! The otherContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Depression Cheat Sheet”

Bi-Polar Opposites: The Good Kid 😏

I’ve always been the good kid. You know the one. That kid who’s always on time to class, who never ditched school, and who only saw the principal’s office when receiving awards. Yeah, yeah… I see those eye rolls, but I’m serious. I wasn’t perfect by any means, but I was about as close asContinue reading “Bi-Polar Opposites: The Good Kid 😏”